Diogenes Documentation

5. Root manual

Server-wide administration functions are only available to the users who have logged in and have "root" privileges.

5.1. Managing user accounts

If you click on User accounts, you will be presented with an interface that allows you to create, modify or remove user accounts.

User accounts

5.2. Creating and destroying barrels

To create a barrel, you want to click on the List of sites link and you will be presented with the list of currently available barrels.

List of sites

5.3. Allowing PHP execution

By default, the pages that make up a Diogenes barrel are treated as HTML, that is, their contents is sent to the visitor without any extra processing. It is however possible to write PHP code instead of plain HTML and to have Diogenes execute the PHP code. To do this, go to the List of sites, click on properties for the site where you want to enable PHP execution and write exec in the flags box.

Site properties


Before enabling PHP execution you should consider the security implications. Allowing PHP execution on a barrel means that any administrator of the barrel can have Diogenes execute abritrary code, which can potentially damage all the barrels. This option should therefore only be enabled for barrels whose administrators are considered trusted!

5.4. Using virtualhosts

It is possible to host a barrel on a virtualhost by making use of Apache's URL rewriting functionality. For the following example, we will consider that Diogenes is installed at the address http://fooserver/diogenes/, that the barrel's name is foobarrel and that you want this barrel to be served at http://foovhost/.

First of all, you need to make sure that in your Diogenes configuration you give the full base URL for the Diogenes system like this:

// base url for the Diogenes system
$globals->rooturl = "http://fooserver/diogenes/";

Next, you need to put the following block in your Apache configuration:

<VirtualHost *:80>
ServerName foovhost
RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^/(.*)$ http://fooserver/diogenes/site/foobarrel/$1 [P]

After reloading Apache's configuration, go to the List of sites, click on properties for the foobarrel barrel and write foovhost in the vhost field.

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