Diogenes Documentation

4. Admin manual

4.1. Basics

Web sites managed with Diogenes are referred to as barrels. If you are not yet familiar with the barrel concept, please take a look at the Diogenes Introduction. Three types of objects make up a Diogenes barrel :

Diogenes manages all its files using "revision control", that is all the versions of a file are stored and remain available. At any moment you can inspect the differences between successive versions of a file and you can even revert to a previous version of the file if you wish.

4.2. Creating pages

You can browse the list of current pages by using the Pages catalog .

Pages catalog

To create a new page, go to the Pages catalog and click on Add page. You will be prompted for some properties for the new page (see below for what these properties mean).

4.3. Page properties

Each page has it's own directory, and a set of adjustable properties. Properties related to access control apply to the whole directory.

4.4. Editing pages

You can set a page's content in various ways. First of all you need to decide what the master document for your web page will be. You can choose between directly editing the HTML code or using a Word document from which HTML code will be generated.

4.4.1. HTML-managed pages

By default, a page starts off in this mode, which means you directly modify the contents of the page. You can modify the page using one of two editors : the raw editor or the HTML editor.

Note : In order to make use of the HTML editor, you will need to have Sun's Java Virtual Machine installed on your computer. You can obtain it from Sun's Java downloads page.

4.4.2. Word-managed pages

You can switch to Word mode by uploading a Word document from the Page properties. Once a page is in this mode, you are no longer presented with links to the raw editor and HTML editor. If you wish to revert to HTML-mode, delete the page.doc file from the file manager.

To update a Word-managed page, simply send a new version of the Word document from the Page properties.

4.4.3. Using WebDAV

It is possible to access a barrel's files directly by using WebDAV. You can find out more about this technology by visiting the WebDAV website. To use this feature, if the address of your barrel's home page is http://fooserver/bar/, you need to point your WebDAV client to http://fooserver/bar/webdav/.

4.5. Menu entries

To create a new menu entry, click on "Edit menu". You will be presented with the top-level menu entries. You can add, edit, re-order or remove entries here. Once you have created some menu entries, you can click on them to create sub-menu entries.

Menus catalog

4.6. Managing files

It is possible to upload or delete files associated with a web page by clicking on browse files.

File manager

4.7. File revisions

Diogenes uses version control, that is it keeps track of all the successive revisions of a file. This means that at any time you can view any version of a file, inspect changes between successive versions and even restore a previous version of a file.

File revisions

You can take a look at the differences between to successive versions by clicking on diff to 1.x.


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